1. Psephological and Public Opinion Studies:

State-wide ‘State-of-the-State’ surveys and need-based opinion polls to spearhead reforms in electoral system and jurisprudence and to unravel the complex ‘caste-religion-party-film-cash’ penta-factor nexus that typifies the Indian / Thamizh voters’ political psyche, with emphasis on fan club phenomenon and gender parity.

2. Culture, Media Systems and Consumption Studies:

State-wide and specific issue-based micro-level studies to critically scrutinize the ideological, economic and psycho-cultural underpinnings of belief and value systems, infotainment media and educational systems, and post-modern, ‘comfort’ technological systems vis-à-vis popular consumption patterns, impacts and implications.

3. Land and Life Initiatives:

Short and long live-in awareness / awakening programmes, retreats, exposures, expeditions, eco-tours to respect and love all that is nature, to appreciate bio-diversity, farming and animal husbandry, to learn to sync holistic health, fitness and life-style, to discover macrocosmic elements in the microcosm and vice versa, to get attuned to the technology and the spirituality of renewable energy [inner and earth, geo-biological and psycho-cosmic], to realize the importance of acculturating ourselves to earth instead of exploiting, inculturating instead of devouring.

4. Leadership-in-Service Initiatives: 

Local community / village based grassroots level sustained initiatives in collaboration with media and leader-icons to identify emerging young leaders and hone their skills through involving them in actual community service to their own local community.

5. Pro-People Market / Field Studies:

As and when commissioned by development-oriented organisations, academic or otherwise, studies such as baseline and feasibility studies, needs and impacts assessments, communication strategies and campaign effectiveness studies, performance assessments pertaining to individuals, corporates and governments, policies / projects implementation evaluations, always with the view to enrich the quality of life and culture.

6. People-Partnered Media Texts Production: 

Concomitant with other studies as visual documentation; also as independent attempt to getting into mainstream media including cinema, TV, web TV, internet, and social networks with an unambiguous people-focus.

7. Advocacy:

Post-studies discussion / consultation sessions (ensuing State-wide studies) with ‘opinion leaders’ in relevant fields; periodic ‘research discourses’ with general public as participants, eventually metamorphosing ‘research’ into a peoples’ movement.

8. Academia:

Training in field-based content-creation with focus on ‘deprivation’ reporting; conducting long- / short- term diploma / PG diploma courses, seminars and workshops on research methodologies, psephology, media, consumer behaviour, holistic health and life-style, English language acquisition, life-skills development, ecology, ethno-wisdom, and other related areas; offering, if and when possible, regular M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes.